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Secret Agent Heaven no. 1 (Taiwanese, 1964, restored) (DVDrip)
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Secret Agent Heaven no. 1 (a.k.a. The Best Secret Agent) is a Taiwanese spy film, with elements of anti-Japanese propaganda, directed by CHANG Ying in 1964. It stars the wonderful Bai Hong as secret agent Heaven no. 1.

This is a DVD rip. The original Taiwanese audio was lost, but a Chinese dub survived, which is the default audio source. I recommend, however, switching to the second audio source, which is a modern redub in Taiwanese (both are labeled 'Chinese'; the newer dub is the one that sounds better).

Subtitles are in Chinese and English.

There are two extra features: one short video fragment showcasing the digital restoration of the film, and one interview with the director. Both are in Chinese, without English subtitles.


During the Sino-Japanese War, Tsui-Ying flees with her father from the Japanese occupation. She meets a young man, Ling-Yun, and falls in love. Yet Tsui-Ying chooses to leave Ling-Yun and marries a traitor who serves the Japanese. Out of heartbreak, Ling-Yun leaves the country to study abroad. In the meantime, “Special Agent 001” leads the sabotage against the Japanese. After Ling-Yun returns to Shanghai, he is surprised to find out his ex-lover has become the wife of his uncle Chao-Chun. A struggle about love and patriotism starts in this family. Special Agent 001 continues the sabotage and the identity of the agent finally reveals.

The Best Secret Agent is a remake by director CHANG Ying of the 1945 movie of the same name that caused a sensation in Shanghai. Fueled by a dog-eat-dog plot and the changing faces of the “female spy” protagonist, the film has been likened to a Taiwanese version of the 007 movies. The film broke box office records in Taiwan and kick-started the popularity of Taiwanese spy movies for years to come.

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