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You're Not the Boss of Me Feat. Larken Rose
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You're Not the Boss of Feat. Larken Rose MP4 Conspiracy Truth Wake up Sheeple END HUMAN ENSLAVEMENT TAXATION IS THEFT! Turn off your teLIEvision REVOLUTION NOW! Educate Yourself
2019-03-30 03:47:26 GMT
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You're Not the Boss of Me Feat. Larken Rose.mp4 - 24min 34s 640 x 480

INSPIRING AND EDUCATIONAL SPEECH, STAND UP AND FIGHT FOR YOUR FREEDOM AND YOUR RIGHTS!! END INTERNET CENSORSHIP, WE WANT OUR FREEDOM BACK!! WE WANT OUR NATIONS BACK FROM THE TREASONOUS TRAITORS THAT HAVE HIJACKED THEM!! SPREAD THE WORD TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW AND TELL THEM TO DO THE SAME SO THIS TRUTH CAN REACH CRITICAL MASS!! Man has never been free and never will be until they take responsibility for their own lives and actions.. A free man must always strike down any man that proclaims to be a leader or an order follower of a leader for the defense of mankind, then man can be truly free!! WE NEED TOTAL ANARCHY NOW, NO MASTERS AND NO RULERS MEANS NO SLAVES!! WE NEED A WORLDWIDE REVOLUTION NOW, STOP PAYING TAXES!! PROTEST OUTSIDE OF YOUR LOCAL POST OFFICE THIS UPCOMING TAX DAY THERE IS NO LAW REQUIRING YOU TO PAY AN INCOME TAX!! TAXATION IS THEFT, FORMER IRS AGENTS WILL TELL YOU THIS, DO YOUR RESEARCH!! The sheeple have been brainwashed and indoctrinated by the government, media and teLIEvision for so long it's difficult for some people to THINK FOR THEMSELVES!!

Please share this information far and wide, burn the video to DVDs/Blu-ray discs or put it on USB Flash Drives and give them out to friends, family and others.

Please seed as long as possible, at least to a ratio of 1.100, thank you :)

General           : You're Not the Boss of Me Feat. Larken Rose.mp4
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