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I Hope This Destroys Your Paradigm
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I Hope This Destroys Your Paradigm MP4 Conspiracy Truth Wake up Sheeple FAKE NEWS ALL News is Scripted NO ONE DIED ON 9-11 YOU HAVE BEEN LIED TO! QUESTION EVERYTHING Turn off your teLIEvision
2019-05-25 05:01:10 GMT
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I Hope This Destroys Your Paradigm.mp4 - 6min 5s 640 x 360

Fake news goes so much deeper... ALL news is scripted, just 6 corporations control 90% of ALL media: GE, NewsCorp, Disney, Viacom, Time Warner and CBS and guess what folks IT'S ALL BULLSHIT!! It's ALL fake, teLIEvision is NOT the truth, NOT EVEN CLOSE!! SMASH YOUR teLIEvision do yourself and your family a favor please.. TAKE YOUR MINDS BACK, NO ONE DIED ON 9/11 AND THERE WERE NO PLANES IT WAS JUST CGI (Computer Generated Images), it was a Made-for-teLIEvision Movie and the WHOLE WORLD fell for the joke.. You don't see me crying, because NO ONE DIED!! ALL of these shootings are FAKE and STAGED EVENTS with PAID CRISIS ACTORS, FAKE BLOOD THE WHOLE NINE.. YOU HAVE BEEN SO FOOLED AND HAD IT'S NOT EVEN FUNNY.. Go stick your head back in the sand if you can't handle the truth, let's grow some courage and be adults about this and face the FACTS and REALITY, what it comes down to is we are all slaves and this is a slave plantation!! The time to FIGHT LIKE HELL is NOW!! The world is a stage and you are pawns in the greatest game that has ever been played.. Your government does NOT care about you AT ALL they see you all as nothing but useless eaters and cannon fodder!! Everything you think you know is in fact a LIE, HISTORY IS A LIE, humanity has been deceived on a massive grand scale, you have been brainwashed/indoctrinated since birth, IT'S TIME WE HIT THE STREETS WITH THE TRUTH AND TAKE OUR POWER BACK, GOVERNMENT IS THE PROBLEM!! GOVERNMENT IN LATIN MEANS MIND CONTROL, THIS IS WHY THEY CALL IT GOVERNMENTAL, Govern your mind, your thoughts, thought police, Mind Control.. BREAK YOUR CHAINS, THE FLAMES OF REBELLION ARE GROWING AND WILL SOON CONSUME ALL THE EVILDOERS AND WICKED SATANIC ILLUMINATI ELITE PSYCHOPATHIC NARCISSISTS WHO RULE OVER US!! WAKE UP SHEEPLE, WE MUST END HUMAN ENSLAVEMENT AND KILL THE ILLUMINATI!! THE TIME FOR WORLDWIDE REVOLUTION IS NOW, OVERTHROW YOUR CORRUPT TREASONOUS TRAITOROUS TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT!! Turn OFF your teLIEvision and START THINKING FOR YOURSELF AND QUESTIONING EVERYTHING, QUESTION ALL AUTHORITY, LET'S MAKE CRITICAL THINKING GREAT AGAIN!!


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