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Sciense and life ( Nauka i Jizn ) - 326 num DJVU
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Expertise: scientific and popular 
Frequency: Monthly 
Language: Russian 
Chief Editor: IK Lagovsky 
Publisher (country): ELN edition of journal «Science and Life» (Russia) 
Release history: from 1890 to 1900 and c 1934-present 
Circulation: 50 000 (2007) 
ISSN :1683-9528 

«Science and Life» - a monthly scientific and popular illustrated magazine generalists. Founded in 1890. Publication resumed in October 1934. Circulation of the magazine in 1970-1980's to 3 million copies and was among the highest in the USSR. Circulation in 2007 - about 50 000 copies. 


1890 - based Matveem Nikanorovichem Glubokovskim (1857-1903). The aim of the journal enunciated the popularization of science. The magazine came out every week and a small amount (16 pages). The annual subscription cost 5 rubles. 
1894 - publisher other than «Science and Life» was also to produce the magazine «case», a more practical orientation and cheaper - all ruble per year. 
1900 - Out magazine stopped because of the serious illness of the editor. 
1904-1906 - in St. Petersburg, edited by F. C. agronomist Gruzdeva magazine of the same name but different focus (social, political and artistic publication, not paying much attention to the popularization of science). 
1934 - publication of «Science and Life» reopened, edited by H. L. Meshcheryakova (1865-1942). 
1938 - «Science and Life» becomes the body of the USSR Academy of Sciences. 
1948 - magazine published by All-Union Society for the dissemination of political and scientific knowledge (Vsesoyuznoe Society Knowledge). 
1961 - The Journal of changing its direction and content to the accessibility for a broad range of readers. Chief editor becomes VN Bolhovitinov (1912-1980). 
1980 - The editor in chief VN Bolhovitinova replaced IK Lagovsky (acting editor-in-chief as of 2007). 
1984 - magazine awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor. 
1990 - The founders of the magazine became editorial staff and publisher «truth» 

Catalog and SubSection 

Science on the march 
The Individual and Society 
The economic talks 
Earth sciences 
Physics, astronomy, mathematics, space 
Engineering, Technology, Chemistry 
Biology, Medicine 
According to historical Moscow 
Construction and Architecture 
Countries and peoples. Heraldry 
Science and art. Museum 
Your leisure time 
Stories, novels, essays 
Recollections from family archive 
People Science 
Literature. Linguistics 
Reflections from the book shelves 
Small reviews. New books 
Face to face with nature 
Correspondence from readers 
Scientific and technical lyubitelstvo 
Self - 
Lovers asironomii 
Tourist tracks 
Sportshkola. Lovers of sport to improve erudition 
A man with a camera 
Collector note Summary Science and Technology 
BNTI (Bureau of Scientific and Technical Information) 
BINT (Bureau of foreign scientific and technical information) 
What wrote «Science and Life» 50 and 100 years ago 
Domestic Affairs 
How it works. New Products 
The school workshops. With tool in the hands of 
For those who knits 
Hostess note 
On our smaller brothers. Zoougolok at home 
Your plants 
At the gardens 
Horticulturist at the note. Abstracts 
Business for beds 
Entertainment is not without benefits 
Kunstkamera. Laboratory at home 
Psychology workshop. Math Radio 
Logic games. Puzzles 
Crossword puzzle with fragments 
The answers and solutions 

office. Site: 

a list of phone numbers in hand: 

1890 1 
1893 1-26 
1946 1-3, 5-12 
1947 6 7 9 
1949 2-6 
1950 1-6, 9, 11, 12 
1951 1, 5-10 
1952 1-6, 10, 12 
1953 1-12 
1954 1 6 12 
1955 1-7 9-12 
1957 7-12 
1958 1-12 
1990-2005 1-12 - an electronic archive of the magazine DVD 
hidden text 
2006 1-12 electronic archive log SD 
hidden text 
2007 1-6, 9 
2008 1-7 
+ + clippings cover